Work Tool Is Gone

In the shortest tenure in the history of my office, J.T. has been fired!

Yes, he’s only been with us for less that a week. No, it wasn’t because he kept talking about how awesome Texas was, even to the managing directors. And no, it wasn’t because he was too homesick for Texas. Nope, J.T. got fired because he’s an idiot.

Turns out, J.T. is really bad at his job. I don’t want to get into the details, but one of the key concepts in corporate debt offerings is what order the debt gets paid back in. That’s the priority or seniority of the debt. Long story short, J.T. subordinated certain senior debentures and fucked up a $200 million deal.

I really hate to laugh at other people’s misfortunes. I don’t want to be that guy. But man, this guy had it coming. He would complain about everything. How every place he ate at had to “ruin the food” by making it too healthy. But “that’s the left coast for you.” Plus, I swear this guy did not bathe. He smelled like cigarettes all the time. He was fat, had scaly skin that flaked off everywhere, and smelled. It’s almost like the rest of us willed him to fuck up the deal so he’s be fired.

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One Response to Work Tool Is Gone

  1. NoAmbition says:

    Just wondering how JT lasted so long in Houston if he had the apparently innate ability to F up on such a high level. Were the Houston bosses too busy punching cattle to check his work? Or was it that the healthy California food was messing up his cranial arteries and he couldn’t think straight?

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