Animal Shelter Girl

I was walking down Montana on Sunday on the way to meet Paul for lunch when I saw the pet adoption people outside the Whole Foods.

I was early anyway, so I stopped and said hello to the dogs. (I’m not much of a cat person so I mostly talked to the dogs.)

I wasn’t even noticing the actual humans running the adoption. I was really just amusing myself by having a conversation with this one mixed breed dog that looked like a shaggy mutt. “What are you in for?” I asked him. (He was in a cage so it kind of made sense.) “Barking and entering?” (I swear I didn’t think anyone heard me say that.)

This went on for a while where I talked to this dog that I named The Artful Dodger. I was getting into the zone where I didn’t even notice anyone else. But then this girl came up behind me and said, “I think he likes you.”

I turned and saw this cute girl who helps out at the animal shelter. “I’m just making conversation.” She pushed me to adopt him but that isn’t a real possibility. I like dogs but I’m at work all day, I explained.

She seemed disappointed. She gave me the hard sell. I told her I just couldn’t. She said if I change my mind to call her. She gave me a card for the shelter. I said goodbye.

I went and had lunch with Paul at R&D Kitchen. I know what you’re thinking. That during lunch I kept thinking about the animal shelter girl. But the truth is, I kept thinking about The Artful Dodger.

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4 Responses to Animal Shelter Girl

  1. Biggie says:

    Quit your job, grab all the dogs and become a crazy old man with 200 dogs (to fight stereothypes offcourse). You can always help Gunter for money. Or start in the exiting jobfield that is prostitutuion.

  2. NoAmbition says:

    Would it be totally classless to call the cute girl and ask for a date? You could tell her you’re thinking about it but wanted to see how a dog (or dogs, if she has multiples) handles living in a small L.A. apartment …

  3. PeteW says:

    This has to be my favourite blog post so far but I wish you’d taken a photo of The Artful Dodger!

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